Please carefully review the following guidelines before submitting a refund request through our support ticket system:

  1. Trial Account Requirement: Before purchasing a long-term service, we encourage you to request a trial account. This allows you to test our services and ensures satisfaction before committing to a longer subscription.
  2. Internet Speed Consideration: Our services require a stable internet connection. If your internet speed is insufficient to utilize our xtream iptv services effectively, please refrain from requesting a refund.
  3. Support and Setup Assistance: Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to assist with setup queries. If you encounter difficulties setting up our xtream iptv service on your devices, refunds will not be issued. We recommend reviewing our tutorials or contacting support for guidance.
  4. Payment Error Resolution: In the event of a payment error, such as selecting an incorrect service duration during checkout, please create a support ticket titled “Payment Error.” Our team will review and process the refund accordingly.
  5. Expiry Date Limitation: Refund requests for expired accounts will not be accepted if submitted after 7 days from the expiration date.

To initiate a refund request, create a ticket in the support section with clear details regarding the reason for the refund. Our support team will review your request and respond promptly.